Ch 18 typography

November 17, 2008

1. Name two type families and explain the major differences.  Slab serif type and Sans serif type, is referred to as Eygptian and developed as a result of a popular fascination with the history of that culture features of this type are thick squared serifs. Sans serif appeared in different time period around the 1800’s is has been speculated that first sans serifs types were developed by removing the serifs form slab serifs.  The most obvious distintiction of sans serif is the absence of serifs from the characters, Created in different time lines, strokes are different types all together.

2.  What is decorative or novelty type ?  Is reserved in its own category because it is diffcult to classify. A decorative type could have many attributes that are common with other types, or it can be more illustrative.

3. what is serif ?


4.What is Sans serif ? it is a type of typography that is used still today even though was created over 200 years ago is used normally to have a certain nearly uniform stroke to writing.

5. What is Kerning ? Is the adjustment of the space between individual characters so that they will appear more evenly spaced because of different types shapes and character sizes.

6. What is leading ? Refers to ther line space between rows of type. By adjusting the space between rows.

7. Explain how pixelization can affect type ? It can affect type because it the type depends heavily on a the accurate representation of characters, the reproduction of a font on a screen may not have ther desired results


Typographic Research

November 12, 2008

There were alot of different ways font type was used in the 1970’s from bold face font to air brushing graphics in on logos this was a time were alot of different typhographic styles were used over the years. All of the typographic styles during this time fit really well some example for typograpic styles are I focused at first on the air brushing and the masthead styles at first then i added on some other search on other styles used in the 1970’s.


These styles of typography are early masthead, (top) Section head and new masthead the use for swash characters was very popular during this time period.


This picture of album is done in the style of widespread airbrushing used more in graphic arts was done to give more optical effect of the logo.1970s-styles

These were some new typographic styles that a company called Letraset was promoting several of the types were based on tonal, or other word were dry-transfer lettering which was thought to show off as good regular types or traditional types

Ch 16 – Style

November 10, 2008

ch 16 pg 269








I would set up the web site like this have the title of the of art I had chosen to look up with the person who created name then with a picture to go below the title of the web page with a link to where the picture was found on google images search once you clicked on this picture in the general search images

Impressionism Style/ Monet


This picuture of Monet work can be found at this http://www.monet art prints.comTM  site  which I use the search engine images on goolge to find this picuture. Claude Monet

down here I would have a little bit of a biography on this type of art and how it was started and what is was like to be that draws people still to this type of art today.

then at the bottom of the page i would links to sites with more of Claude Monet works of art and more in depth history and background linked sites.

What I like about this time of art is how is really shows the passage of time in the works of art helps me relate in the time it takes to create a piece of art or work of any kind including not artistic can be in modern times as well with computers it takes time to complete a project. The project also needs look good there some ideas i could use in this theme for creating a web sites in the furture, if I take the time to sit down and think about how I would approach the project design.

Design challenge 2

November 10, 2008

lambo21This picture has the design of color of green with a white back ground this car was white before I edited it now the car has a green color with the red holes in the wheels green is a one of my favorite colors of mine so it deals with me personally the white give the green a standing out color with the white background makes the background look like it is suppose to be another color.


This rose is mostly purple but as you can see this rose this rose also has a stand out color of red peddles in the center of the rose purple is my most favorite color of mine and is the color of k-state the color of my school ;the red is post to bring attention too the picture and catch the eye of on lookers


This picuture of the woods is all darker colors until I added the lighter green to the picture to catch the eye of the onlooker to make them wonder why lighter green the woods are already green but with the light coming through thought I would go with lighter color to change things up personally to help my self be drawn the the picture.

Election Art Draft

November 5, 2008


This picture i used toward being like he is reading the news paper on the morning of the election and he is ready up on who is expected to win or he is in a chair waiting his turn to vote at the polls.


This photo i use as if the man had already voted at the polls but he was starting to get depressed because the canidate he voted for was not doing so well or canidates in the entire election he voted for were not doing well also this photo could be used in the light of him being depressed or bored at the lines at the polls for the election.


This photo i used in the light the the crowd in the photo was starting to gather towards the evening where the canidates for president were at and were anxious awaiting the results of the votes being counted.


This photo i used in the since that it was finally evening time on election day and that the polls were starting to close or were getting ready to close shortly. 


My choice for this assignment was Impressionism of the election  and I chose orginal work of art done with un alterd effects to portary the election I seen it happend yesterday

Color scavenger hunt

November 4, 2008

This project was and an exciting one and i was really enjoying taking pictures but if you are going to go out at night and take pictures learn from my mistake make sure you are close enough with person taking picture and also make sure you have a good flash on your camera i did not learn this until it was too late dj this picture was suppose to show three examples at once with me next to walgreen sign but as you can see the picture did not turn out like i wanted it too in the back ground of the image was Mcdonalds yellow and red sign and speed cash sign with all it also had a picture with bar lights which had the different colors in but did not turn out as well i thought was not apporiate end the end of a class blog

dj-3 Holiday inn sign with me not visible again but has the i believe a good color scheme too it

Ch 10 questions and answers

November 3, 2008

2. What is unity as it applies to design ?  for design to work well it need a form or unity. Unity is all the different parts of the design should look as if the belong together.

3. How can other elements of design be used to create unity give an example ?   There are unity tools a designer can use in there work.  these tools include there is space unity, line unity, shape unity

4. What is the layout of a design ?  An easy way to think of layout is as the arrangement of all the elements of a design in the space of the piece.

5. How can the grid be used as a layout tool ? The grid is a series of intersecting lines that are used to align the elements on a page. There are several ways in which grids can be used mostly depends on what the designer is working on.

Ch 8 and Ch 9/ Questions and answers

October 24, 2008

Ch 8

8. What is intensity ?  Is the third major property of color is also know as satruration and it refers to the level of pure color present in an image or a picture.

9. What is gamut ? Is a term that refers to the entire spectrum of colors available for use in a specific medium; other mediums can have other gamut. the designer or as a designer it is important to remeber only to use one form of presentation and there should be no serious problems.

 11. What is dithering ? Is when a certain grapic undergoes dithering, the pixels that make up the graphic are assigned different colors that are within the web gamut. this is all done with the hope that the color of the pixels will seem to blend and create the intended color.

Ch 9

1. What are complementary colors ?  Are those that are direct oppisites on the color wheel. example of this blue complentary color is orange. When these colors are used next to each other they appear brighter or more livelier. In some extreme example complementary colors can produce an optical illusion in which then line between the two colors will seem to vibrate.

2. What is contrasting colors ?  With color the basic idea behind contrast is still relationship  between light and dark areas of design elements but because there are so many color choices, a designer may be faced with additional desicision on his part beyond those for an image that uses only black, whites, and grays.

6. Name several emotions that are associated with specfic colors. red, white, and blue used in the american flag promote an association with patriotism.  also the color white is a nomally associated with purtity and virtue in many western socities , but the color white in India is associated with mourning

Photoshop Filters

October 17, 2008

This picture a white tail buck but with photoshop filter distort I used ocean ripple, also used filter distort swirl to this picture.

This is a picture of a moutain and lake this picture used several different filters. I used brush strokes accented edges, also you artistic dry brush film grain think gives this picture unquie look.

This photo I used several filters again to get this look.  I used filters noise at 70% to get this look then I used distort swirl to get look little more different also used filter sharpen edges

making all three of these photos was a fun and challenge experince that i did enjoy

Eames Card Project

October 13, 2008

This project has helped me to discover things with drawing light and shading or shadows are used in pictures. The pictures I finally decided on were involved purple picutures in general of flowers, car sky at sunset, k-state football crowd with purple, purple tree, and pictures of different elements of storms differnt cloud formations, lighting, tornado. the theme of purple was the decided on for the class the theme of storm was my personal choice for this project i chose the photo that seem like the best choice on both sides of the eames cards. This project was a challenging one to find the second theme that I really like another challenge was getting the printer to print the right side of pictures for the cards.

Eames cards completed

Card 1



Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

Card 5